The VulnDB App for ServiceNow® enables teams to take a truly risk-based approach to quickly and effectively focus on and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities. Available as a free download (VulnDB subscription is required), the app allows users to combine the best-in-class vulnerability intelligence from VulnDB with contextual information drawn from the ServiceNow CMDB to surface the most significant risks, and use the mature workflow management capabilities within ServiceNow to track remediation actions over time.

VulnDB is scanless and contains over 300,000 vulnerabilities, including over 95,000 that are missed by CVE/NVD and other scanning technologies. VulnDB also contains extensive metadata to help understand the technical risk associated with each vulnerability, allowing for a timely, more informed response.

Eliminate the issues created by relying on point-in-time scanning and identify the impact of a new vulnerability and fastrack remediation. Map newly disclosed vulnerabilities against installed software information from the ServiceNow CMDB to automatically generate, prioritize, and assign Vulnerable Items for remediation.

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