Physical security risks often begin with online chatter. As new social platforms emerge and fringe networks gain traction, it is increasingly difficult to identify and monitor security threats within the conversations taking place online.

Analysts are overwhelmed by an ever-increasing volume of online data, and lack the tools needed to filter through the noise to identify, monitor, analyze, and take action on critical information.

Echosec is a geospatially-enriched open-source intelligence solution to help you stay ahead of the next threat.

What Is Echosec?

Echosec is a web-based open-source intelligence (OSINT) solution used by security and intelligence teams worldwide. It delivers near real-time data from mainstream social media, fringe networks, news outlets, messaging apps, and discussion forums, to improve situational awareness and keep teams informed about evolving global events.

  • Get location-based insights with geospatial enrichments and a map-based view

  • Find key information faster with real-time data and advanced filtering and monitoring tools

  • Close information gaps with global coverage from a wide range of data sources

  • Eliminate language barriers with one-click global translation

  • Shorten the learning curve with a user-friendly dashboard and intuitive workflows

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