Echosec Systems is now part of the Flashpoint family. The combined Flashpoint and Echosec solution delivers actionable intelligence across closed illicit communities and open-source intelligence (OSINT) from Publicly Available Information (PAI) sources including mainstream social media, discussion forums, international networks, and messaging apps. The joint solution empowers Security and Intelligence teams to identify and better understand risks in order to protect their organization’s stakeholders and assets. With Echosec, Flashpoint delivers real-time insights to help teams identify and analyze evolving global situations and advance security initiatives like executive protection, disinformation monitoring, geopolitical risk assessment and crisis response.

A wide range of data sources:

  • Social media platforms - Get real-time updates via photo and video content from all over the world

  • Asia Pacific media - Gather Chinese sentiment and public opinion, and geopolitical intelligence

  • Defense forums - Develop military intelligence with information about weaponry and troop tactics

  • Chat networks and messaging apps - Gain insight into alternative and extremist views, influencers, and plans

  • Europe, Middle East, Africa - Receive on-the-ground updates from Eastern Europe, and sentiment around propaganda

With Flashpoint and Echosec, you can:

  • Accelerate speed-to-insight with real-time data collection and visualization to stay informed throughout the intelligence cycle.

  • Access a wide range of critical data in a single solution, to reduce information gaps and discover regionally relevant data.

  • Generate comprehensive, timely intelligence with a highly intuitive, easy-to-use platform to minimize training resources, reduce total cost of ownership, and drive analyst adoption.

  • Access hard-to-find data inside closed communities, from elite forums and marketplaces to chat services and platforms, to gain the context needed to make better decisions on potential threats.

  • View geotagged posts by location to improve crisis and event monitoring with real-time social media geofencing. Search a wide range of networks using the address bar or map-drawing tools to improve crisis and event monitoring.

  • Field questions and conduct research inside closed illicit online communities and open sources using Flashpoint’s skilled multilingual intel team to augment and contextualize insights on your behalf.

Who Can Leverage Flashpoint and Echosec?

Government Intelligence & Operations Teams

  • Military Intelligence

  • Law Enforcement Intelligence

  • National Intelligence

  • Force Protection

  • Mis-, Dis-, and Malignformation (MDM)

  • State and Local Government

  • Fusion Centers

  • K-12 Schools and Universities

Enterprise Security Teams

  • Executive and Brand Protection

  • Physical Facilities Security

  • Global Security Operations

  • Supply Chain Security

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