CVE is not enough

  • CVE fails to report over 93,000 confirmed vulnerabilities(1)

  • Alarmingly, 40% of 2021 omissions were high to critical in severity(2)

  • The vulnerabilities CVE does report are often late and limited in detail

Reliance on CVE Leaves You Vulnerable

  • CVE is the fundamental data source for scanners and enterprise security technologies

  • Enterprise vulnerability and risk management models are dependent on incomplete data

  • Corporate and customer assets are therefore at greater risk of compromise

VulnDB Drives Informed Cybersecurity Decisions

  • VulnDB is the most comprehensive source of actionable vulnerability intelligence

  • Includes vulnerabilities in COTS and 3rd Party Code, Vendor Risk Ratings, and more

  • Provides timely vulnerability alerts without scanning

  • Integrates with leading tools and ticketing systems

Why VulnDB - Vulnerability Intelligence

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