Mission Overview

Flashpoint National Security Solutions (FNSS) helps government agencies create actionable intelligence and deliver data-driven decisions. We innovate and deliver solutions to our government partners answering Integrated Deterrence requirements across DoD, IC and Federal LE. Flashpoint is honored to serve the following national security pillars:

Key Benefits of Flashpoint

  • Commercial Data Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Platform and Publicly Available Information (PAI)

  • Unique Intelligence Collections and Datasets

  • Human-Enabled Virtual Intelligence Operations

  • Integrated Partner Intelligence Services

  • Special Projects: Customizable and unique solutions to address sensitive missions.

  • Global Issues: Address new, timely and emerging trends, changing conditions, and under-appreciated developments.

  • The highest priority topics include Russia, Iran, China, and counterterrorism.

Flashpoint Service Enabled Support Options

Request for Information (RFI)

Flashpoint Intelligence team responds to specific client information requests and helps to address intelligence gaps.

Flashpoint Managed Collections: Collections Discovery (CD)

Flashpoint analysts leverage an understanding of specific customer intelligence requirements to identify new illicit communities for collection and inclusion into the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform.

Flashpoint Tailored Reporting Service (TRS)

Flashpoint provides curated deliverables that address specific intelligence requirements and highlight relevant threats with further assessment. These tactical and operational-level reports are delivered on a weekly or daily basis and include timely ad-hoc updates.

Special Projects and Operational Support (SPOS)

  • Cyber Mission Teams

    • Address threat actors engaged in malicious and/or illicit cyber activities.

  • Sensitive Mission Project Support

  • Counterintelligence Operations

    • Identify and target foreign virtual intelligence operations.

  • Persona Development, Grooming, and Management

  • Operational Tools / Collectors / Parsers Development

  • Directed Actor Engagement

  • Illicit Financing Domain Expertise

  • Intelligence Analyst Team Services

    • Senior Level Regional and Threat Analysis

    • Cultural and near-native language fluency (26+ languages represented)

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