Comprehensive Risk Management and Cyber Intelligence for Every Team

Flashpoint and Risk Based Security’s combined offering is the central place for organizations to gain insight into all facets of cyber and physical intelligence - essential to identifying, prioritizing, remediating, and monitoring risks affecting an organization.

An organization’s risk lifecycle is complex and continuous, covering a variety of risk categories. It’s imperative that teams have the tools, context and insights needed to rapidly identify threats and focus remediation efforts on the most important risks in order to protect the organization’s key assets.


  • Powerful collections capabilities covering unique online communities, forums, marketplaces and chat services

  • Uncover where threat actors are talking about vulnerabilities, exploits, breaches, ransomware and insider threats

  • Sophisticated technology and advanced data collections informed by Flashpoint analysts


  • Real-time alerts on vulnerabilities, leaked credentials, data breaches and threats before they are widely known

  • Contextual awareness on how threats and vulnerabilities are being discussed and exploited by threat actors

  • Actionability through dashboards, analytics, APIs and workflow automation


  • Rapidly identify threats and prioritize actions based on organizational asset importance and risk scores

  • Focus remediation efforts on high severity security risks more likely to have a negative impact

  • Solutions designed for security teams, backed by Flashpoint intelligence analyst support

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