Flashpoint is the leader in delivering proven, trusted threat intelligence to public sector agencies. Federal, state and local government agencies rely on Flashpoint’s combination of best-in-class cloud-based software and services to give them the edge they need against threats, bad actors, criminals and nation states.

The scale of today’s harmful activities—fraud, theft, ransomware or cyber extortion, money laundering, hacking, trafficking, exploitation and more—can overwhelm internal public sector teams and sideline agencies in their missions. Flashpoint provides quick, safe access to relevant data and threat intelligence that is openly sourced, actively monitored and vetted by human analysts. With it, agency teams have immediate access to the insider knowledge, insights, visibility and context they need to safely and decisively take action.

Flashpoint is more than just cyber intelligence openly sourced from online communities, services and sites. Expert human tradecraft is applied in proprietary ways to acquire, normalize, collate and contextualize threat information. Flashpoint focuses on where the threat actors communicate, collaborate and congregate and then delivers a unique combination of innovative technology paired with cyber, human and signals intelligence to expose it. This combination is backed by analysts steeped in regional culture, understanding of the relevant threats and language.

The vetted intelligence is hosted on the secure Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. The Platform is a cloud-based solution with powerful search, analysis and collaboration features that enable users to quickly find and work on what matters most. The Platform also contains an evergreen knowledge base of intelligence, malicious actor profiles and tutorials, custom alerting features, and daily news briefs with analytical commentary.

The solution allows agency teams to quickly and effectively identify and analyze the chatter around a threat by exposing the online conversations driving the actual threat indicator.

The result is streamlined access to vetted and timely intelligence stores, served up in an easy-to-use web-based portal that can be safely accessed on any device. If more processing support is needed, Flashpoint provides Finished Intelligence and offers a Request for Information (RFI) service to address any intelligence gaps. If public sector agencies prefer to use their internal tools for analysis, the Flashpoint API delivers near-real-time access to the intelligence on the platform.

Flashpoint Solution Benefits for the Public Sector

  • Safe access to large, curated collections of publicly available information

  • Cloud-based environment that is portable, scalable and extensible

  • Intelligence that is vetted, proven, trusted and evidentiary

  • Real-time and historical context available on-demand

  • Innovative solution ensures fast starts, quick turns backed by proven tradecraft and processes

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