Cyware Security Orchestration Layer (CSOL) is a universal security orchestration gateway for automating on-demand or event-triggered tasks across deployment environments at machine speeds. Flashpoint collections provide the necessary insight and additional context into various illicit online communities to provide immediate and effective protection against the latest, most critical threats.


The combined capabilities of CSOL with Flashpoint’s data enable users to confidently automate workflows based on actionable intelligence, saving teams time by escalating critical incidents or indicators related to the organizations. This joint integration eliminates the human analyst time and manual internal processes by proactively mitigating the risk to the enterprise.



  • Technical Indicators: Enables users access to indicators of compromise (IOCs) and technical data across Flashpoint datasets and those included in Finished Intelligence Reports, allowing for seamless integration into users’ workflows and automated tools.


  • Finished Intelligence: Access to analytical reports produced by our intelligence analysts. Reports cover a wide spectrum of illicit underground activity, including crimeware, fraud, emerging malware, violent extremism, and physical threats.


  • Compromised Credentials Monitoring - Enterprise (CCM - E): Enables organizations to search and monitor Flashpoint’s unique collections for compromised enterprise accounts and passwords in order to flag accounts, reset employee passwords, and restrict permissions to prevent actors from accessing confidential or personally identifiable information (PII).


  • Marketplaces: Access to top-tier marketplaces, where threat actors buy and sell items such as stolen credentials and personally identifiable information (PII).


  • Access to Flashpoint’s extensive data sources, including illicit communities and technical data, and identified compromised credentials that add value and context to existing intelligence feeds

  • Access system playbooks and jumpstart automation and orchestration efforts by using Cyware’s vast library of pre-built playbooks and customizing them to your specific workflows

  • Universally search within CSOL across the integrated Flashpoint datasets

  • Create queries related to your intelligence requirements and automate the response within your internal workflows and systems


Identify Compromised Credentials; Automate Resets and Incidents

​​Threat actors continue to target employee credentials through various means, including phishing and brute-force attacks. As the methods used by threat actors to steal credentials evolve and leaked data is readily available online, defenders are at an ongoing disadvantage and increasingly vulnerable to account takeover, fraud, and misuse.

Security teams require a solution to help identify compromised credentials and an actionable path forward to safeguard and protect employee credentials. The joint solution from Flashpoint and Cyware enables teams to automate password resets of exposed employee credentials and automate ticket creation for incidents, saving time and resources spent on identifying and remediating the risk of detected credentials.

Check Against IOC Logs and Vulnerability Scans; Improve and Automate Internal Workflows

Organizations collect large amounts of security event data, requiring significant resources to sift through, identify, and protect against many threat indicators.

With Flashpoint and Cyware, teams can automatically check internal logs against IOCs and vulnerability scans within the enterprise’s network, eliminating the manual workflow of checking against internal network logs, saving analysts time.

About Cyware

Cyware helps cybersecurity teams build virtual cyber fusion centers enabling end-to-end threat intelligence automation, sharing, and unprecedented threat response. Cyware is transforming security operations by delivering the industry's only Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) and threat intelligence (TIP) solutions for large and small enterprise security teams, ISACs/ISAOs, MSSPs, and government agencies - so that organizations can reduce costs and analyst burnout, and increase speed and efficiency.

To learn more about Cyware, visit cyware.com.

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