Rely on trusted, actionable intelligence from Flashpoint to proactively defend your organization with EclecticIQ Platform.

Integrate Trusted Intelligence to Act Decisively

EclecticIQ Platform is the analyst-centric TIP, optimized to collect, consolidate, and analyze the broadest set of intelligence data. By integrating Flashpoint Finished Intelligence, discussions from illicit communities, and technical data, analysts can uncover otherwise elusive indicators to focus on the most critical threats first.

With EclecticIQ and Flashpoint, teams use a set of workflows in a collaborative workplace to triage, analyze, collaborate, and act decisively on the right course of action.

Joint Solution Features

Make Better Decisions

Use EclecticIQ Platform to synthesize Flashpoint’s Finished Intelligence with extensive historical data to provide rich context and insights that drive higher confidence decisions.

Respond Sooner

Incorporate signal-rich discussions from illicit threat actor communities and industry-specific threats into analyst workflows for high assurance threat response.

Move Faster

Enrich Flashpoint’s high-fidelity feed of Risk Intelligence Observables (RIOs) with EclecticIQ Platform’s powerful rulesets to quickly ascertain tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).

Team Benefits


Leverage Flashpoint data sources from illicit online communities, including closed sources, through EclecticIQ Platform’s powerful graph engine for informed exploration, pivoting, and analysis.

For SOC/Incident Response

Act quickly and decisively by bringing illicit communities to light on EclecticIQ Platform while updating enterprise security controls and collaborating with key stakeholders.

For Security Leaders

Gain insight into key threats/threat actors to better inform your executives by combining Flashpoint’s Finished Intelligence with context from EclecticIQ Platform.

Use Cases

Mitigate Protected Information Loss

The challenge:

The loss of protected health and personally identifiable (PHI/PII) information is a most significant risk. Most organizations find out about a breach long after exposure.

Joint Solution:

With EclecticIQ Platform, analysts set policies using advanced search logic and network graph correlation matrices to automatically alert based on Flashpoint’s real-time illicit communities intelligence.


The security team receives alerts immediately upon identifying protected information loss to take decisive action to minimize the breach impact.

Expose and Address Insider Threat

The challenge:

Insider threat is one of the most insidious and elusive threats to the organization. Detection before an exploit is exceedingly challenging.

Joint Solution:

Threat analysts use EclecticIQ Platform to better identify and contextualize an insider threat’s first indicators by leveraging Flashpoint’s Finished Intelligence and illicit activity visibility.


The team detects, deters, and mitigates insider threats, even before a data breach can occur.

Integration Datasets


Finished Intelligence: Analytical reports produced by Flashpoint intelligence analysts covering a broad spectrum of illicit underground activity, including crimeware, fraud, emerging malware, violent extremism, and physical threats.


Forums: Signal-rich discussions from illicit threat actor communities that supplement internal data with targeted data from highly curated sources.


Risk Intelligence Observables (RIOs): A high-fidelity feed of cyber observables, including access to various observables types, including IP address, location (city/country), hosting provider, timestamp, and user-agent string.

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