Flashpoint - ServiceNow Integration


Incident response teams are tasked with triaging an unmanageable number of alerts on a daily basis, attempting to decipher real threats from false positives. Many teams rely on a manual review of alerts that drains analyst resources and time, and could still leave organizations exposed because the number of alerts is overwhelming.

Analysts require a digital workflow, one that is informed by contextualized intelligence and technical data collected from difficult-to-reach corners of the internet, in order to mitigate risk to the organization.

The Flashpoint & ServiceNow Advantage

This solution delivers an extensible threat intelligence platform which pulls insights and context from illicit online communities, as well as technical data, to provide defenders the prioritization, customization, and collaboration needed for increased security effectiveness and efficient threat operations and management.

Flashpoint ServiceNow Apps

Flashpoint for Threat Intelligence

Adds Flashpoint intelligence to the ServiceNow Threat Intelligence database of observables



Technical Indicators: Enable users access to indicators of compromise (IOCs) and technical data across Flashpoint datasets, including those found in Flashpoint Finished Intelligence reports, allowing for seamless integration into users’ workflows and automated tools.


Finished Intelligence: Access to analytical reports produced by our intelligence analysts. Reports cover a wide spectrum of illicit underground activity, including crimeware, fraud, emerging malware, violent extremism, and physical threats.

Extend CTI & Network Team: Enrich observables with Flashpoint Technical data to better understand potential threats and mitigate risk. This enrichment occurs automatically when observables are linked to Security Incidents, or users can run a manual threat lookup on any identified observable.

Flashpoint for Security Incident Response

Generate security incidents automatically from keyword matches on illicit forums and chat platforms



Automated: Matches conversations from illicit online communities with a client’s areas of concern, and automatically provides these matches directly to the user. Generated alerts are available in the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform, ensuring timely notifications that identify potential risks to the organization, as well as the ability to investigate further within the platform. Customers are able to update, improve, and alter their queries via the platform on an as-needed basis.

Corporate & Physical Security: The integration of ServiceNow and Flashpoint Alerting automatically informs teams of possible threats, including the organization’s leadership, business locations, or network attacks. This allows organizations to take immediate action when a threat is detected.

Flashpoint for Vulnerability Management

Prioritize vulnerability mitigation based on which CVEs are being discussed by actors on illicit forums and chat platforms



CVE: Access to the latest CVEs within Flashpoint collection, including access to MITRE and NVD data, as well as CVEs discussed by threat actors as observed by Flashpoint Intelligence Analysts.

Prioritize Vulnerability Identification & Response: Analyze CVE discussions from within Flashpoint Collections to determine the risk certain vulnerabilities pose to the organization. Insight into these discussions will assist in determining which patches should be applied immediately or hold for the next internal maintenance upgrade cycle.

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