Criminals often choose cryptocurrency for fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activity to evade detection by law enforcement. Without the right tools, it is difficult for investigators to identify and stop criminal activity. Chainalysis Reactor powers investigations with real-time cryptocurrency intelligence, tracing transactions to

named services and detecting illicit activity as it happens. Trusted globally by law enforcement agencies, Reactor is used to link real-world entities to their digital counterparts and combat crime across missions.

Chainalysis Reactor utilizes open-source intelligence (OSINT) to provide further insight on cryptocurrency addresses. The integration of Flashpoint data expands and enhances the OSINT data available in Reactor to add insight into potentially illicit activity related to thousands of cryptocurrency addresses.

The Flashpoint & Chainalysis Advantage

Flashpoint collections integrated with Chainalysis provides users the necessary context and insight to explore, investigate, and take action in order to combat criminal activity on the blockchain. Chainalysis software connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, allowing for tracing the flow of funds within fraudulent transactions. Flashpoint assists with the identification of transactions associated with illicit activity, helping to bridge the intelligence gap, and discover previously unknown threats to better support investigations.

Key Benefits

    Pivot directly from Chainalysis Reactor into the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform in order to conduct further research and analysis into associated threat actor activity or fraudulent transactions

    Create intuitive graphs, annotations, and timelines, with insights from Flashpoint data, making it easy to maintain a clean vision of flow of funds while building an investigation

    Scrapes public information from open and dark web forums along with key data from Flashpoint’s breadth of illicit community collections.

    Chainalysis proprietary methodology identifies services both directly and indirectly related to cryptocurrency transactions, providing intelligence on every step of the flow of funds

    Each new transaction block is processed in Chainalysis within 5 seconds of appearing on the blockchain

Integrated Flashpoint Datasets


Forums: Access to signal-rich discussions from illicit threat actor communities. Supplement internal data with targeted data from highly curated sources.

Blogs: Provides a broader view into open web data by providing online sources of news and information related to threat actors and collectives, allowing users to monitor activity in malicious communities more comprehensively, as well as risks impacting the organization or brand.

Chat Services: Access to around-the-clock conversations within threat-actor channels to monitor and gain insights across threat-actor communities.

Paste Sites: Enables access to openly shared research, data leaks, and other plain-text files frequently used by both anonymous sources and threat actors to share malicious activity, providing a broader view into open web data.

Social News Aggregation & Discussion Sites: Collections from social news aggregation and discussion websites leveraged by both open and deep & dark web communities where illicit actors discuss malicious activity, including malware developments, cyber threats, and physical threats.

4chan & 8chan: Provides access to the anonymous 4chan and 8chan message boards, enabling users to monitor malicious content and discussions ranging from hacktivism to physical threats.

Use Case


Drive investigations forward by adding Chainalysis Reactor, the cryptocurrency investigation and compliance software used by governments, banks, and businesses around the world. Confidently understand and trace the flow of cryptocurrency and pinpoint the source or destination of funds. Create a clear record of your findings with flexible visualization tools and automated pathfinding, and develop actionable intelligence to empower comprehensive investigations.

Chainalysis Reactor utilizes OSINT to provide further insight on cryptocurrency addresses. The integration of Flashpoint data derived from illicit actors and their discussions expands the OSINT data available in Reactor to add further context into potentially malicious activity of thousands of cryptocurrency addresses.

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