Optical Character Recognition

Threat actors are increasingly showcasing sensitive information on chat platforms, including compromised bank accounts, stolen identities, exploit code, as well as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access. As image-rich, mobile-first communication becomes a primary mode of communication in threat actor communities, organizations require insight into how these threat actors gain access to sensitive

information in order to prevent fraud, protect the enterprise, and take action.


Flashpoint leverages Optical-Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning technology to identify text, logos, and objects from multimedia within Flashpoint collections. Users are able to search and generate alerts for relevant media with our extensive, signal-rich collections within the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform.

Key Features

  • Search for text and logos inside images identified within illicit communities

  • Generate alerts for specific keywords to identify images related to your intelligence requirements

  • Enhance executive protection by monitoring for specific personally identifiable information (PII) related to employees

  • Monitor for your brand within images shared by illicit actors; including identifying insider threats through photos of compromised web servers, compromised customer accounts, discover stolen merchandise, and more

Customer Use Case


A Flashpoint customer identified an image within Flashpoint’s collections showcasing a tutorial targeting a state’s unemployment insurance site. Flashpoint’s OCR capability identified the image as the step-by-step example for how to claim unemployment, which mentioned the customer’s corporate name as the employer in one of the steps.

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