Social Media platforms enable threat actors to easily promote and showcase sensitive data, as well as participate and initiate malicious campaigns. It has become a valuable source that continues to be one of the most timely, breaking news platforms regarding threats, attacks, and vulnerability disclosure. These platforms also provide the opportunity for individuals, groups, or threat actors to continually create and disable accounts used for malicious intent, which poses an ongoing issue for security teams.

Organizations require a solution for monitoring social media for threats in order to detect imminent threats in near real-time. Security teams must have access to the constant chatter taking place amongst threat actors, as well as newly created social media accounts in order to stay up-to-date with potential threats targeting the enterprise.


Access to interactive social media platforms to view open source information, discussions, chatter, and opinions that pose potential risks to the enterprise.


  • Twitter: View Twitter data within the Flashpoint Intelligence platform to identify potential threats and discussions related to your organization and access the original source material, which can be used for further investigations.

Key Features

  • Set-up automatic alerts and queries to monitor for threats targeting the enterprise

  • Search across Flashpoint’s social media collections and historical context via the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. View critical information such as post content, associated handles, username, and more

  • View associated media, such as photos and screenshots, that are embedded in social media posts

  • Translate foreign language data into English and view the original and translated content side-by-side

Use Cases


Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) teams require insight into recently disclosed vulnerabilities, as well as associated. chatter that could indicate potential targeting of the enterprise. Social media platforms, including Twitter, showcase the latest vulnerabilities and provide breaking news and updates.

Flashpoint’s Social Media collections provide teams with access to the latest feeds and associated chatter inside the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. Teams are able to set up alerts and queries specific to their intelligence requirements and can be immediately notified of notable posts and data related to the organization.


With the increase in actors and individuals utilizing social media platforms to call for protests and physical unrest, Flashpoint’s Social Media collections enable corporate and physical security teams with immediate notifications and contextual data to identify and mitigate threats against people, physical locations, and sensitive assets.


Phishing, brand misuse, and impersonation continues to be an evolving threat to businesses and operations. Enterprises require a solution to be able to monitor for brand hijacking, trademark or IP misuse, and counterfeiting on social media platforms in order to protect the brand and its reputation.

Flashpoint’s Social Media collections enables teams to identify accounts or posts that falsely claim or misuse the brand’s information such as media or trademark impersonation. Flashpoint’s collections provide the necessary context to understand brand misuse by being able to monitor historical and real-time posts

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