When an organization is targeted by ransomware or cyber extortion, it must quickly

determine the extent of the attack, determine the response plan, and mitigate the impact.

Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS) offers a Threat Response & Readiness Subscription that helps companies prepare for, as well as quickly assess and respond to, ransomware or cyber extortion attack.


Flashpoint Threat Readiness & Response Subscription is a natural extension of Trusted Intelligence which provides organizations with a decision advantage over threats and adversaries. Our data collections, threat actor research, and threat actor engagement are uniquely provided by robust technology, unmatched multilingual intelligence analyst expertise, and a highly experienced FPS team.

Flashpoint provides research to organizations impacted by attacks, as well as directly engages with threat actors; part of this engagement may also include providing access to cryptocurrency.


Ransomware and extortion are responsible for billions of dollars in losses each year across industries, and

while some high-profile attacks and success stories reach the mainstream, they are a tiny percentage of the

the true number of incidents and actual payouts made to adversaries.

FPS helps teams in the event of a single

ransomware or cyber extortion incident,

including tailored response and recovery of internal systems, resources to procure and acquire cryptocurrency on behalf of the impacted organization, as well as extensive monitoring within our expansive illicit community collections.


Includes a workshop or Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

The workshop educates customer teams on ransomware, how it works, why organizations become infected, the evolution of this threat, profiles of attackers, cryptocurrency and

issues related to payments, and other details relevant to the customer organization or


The TTX will bring together critical

stakeholders to discuss simulated scenarios, assess the efficacy of current plans, ensure clarification on roles and responsibilities, and improve coordination to help better mitigate

future attacks.

In both Response and Readiness deliverables, Flashpoint ​ works with organizations to develop contingencies in the event of an attack, including establishing a process to ensure payments can be made securely and quickly.


Procurement of cryptocurrency: ​

This engagement enables procurement of cryptocurrency on behalf of

your organization.

Ransomware workshop:​

An interactive, hands-on workshop, educating your team about ransomware

attacks, as well as additional information relevant to your organization or vertical.

Table-top Exercise (TTX): ​

Access to TTX which simulates real-world scenarios, enabling your team to

prepare and mitigate risk for a potential event.


  • Develop contingencies in the event of an attack, including establishing a process to ensure payments can be made securely and quickly.

  • Prepare in advance of an incident with training and education, and assist in rapidly acquiring cryptocurrency in the event of immediate attack.

  • Access to Flashpoint intelligence analysts, providing the necessary intelligence to support a number of critical assessments, starting with the determination of whether an attack is a legitimate ransomware or extortion situation.

  • Determine the credibility of an attacker’s claims, as well as investigate the history of the digital wallet accepting the ransom payment.

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