When a critical network service is the target​ of ransomware or your company’s data is used for a cyber extortion attack, a quick determination must be made about the nature and extent of the attack, a response plan, and mitigation. The longer an attack remains unaddressed, the more potential damage can be incurred as a result of data and service inaccessibility.

As part of Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS), this offering helps teams in the event of a single ransomware or cyber extortion incident both respond to the event as well as monitor proactively for related threats following the incident.

The Flashpoint Difference

The evolving nature of extortion and ransom attacks requires a joint incident response and proactive intelligence operation capability to fully address all aspects of these damaging attacks.

Tailored Rapid Response & Recovery:​

Flashpoint is ready to assist with your organization’s unique incident response and requirements, providing quick action for cyber extortion incidents, recovery of internal systems, and compromised data.

Evaluation & Credibility: ​

With years of experience navigating illicit online communities, the Flashpoint team is able to evaluate the credibility of a suspected attacker’s claims and identify emerging threat-actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Negotiation & Safe Transaction:​

The response team is equipped to engage with the threat actor(s), conduct negotiations, and perform safe transactions without compromising the organization’s information.

Swift Return to Business Continuity:​

Flashpoint’s cost-effective solution assists with a seamless return to operations.

Continual Collections Monitoring: ​

During and after an event, Flashpoint conducts extensive monitoring within our expansive illicit community collections, including access to forums, chat services, and open web sources.

Experienced Professionals: ​

Our highly experienced response team has over 50 years of federal government and corporate experience and training and has expert tradecraft honed over years of operating in the most austere online environments.

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