Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS) is a trusted partner to organizations, helping them shrink time to decision and providing an advantage in combating threats and mitigating risk. FPS also helps organizations reduce the challenges faced by overwhelmed or under-resourced business risk functions, and can accelerate growth in both capability and efficiency for new or expanding teams. The FPS portfolio is a natural complement to Flashpoint’s existing offerings. These services further align Flashpoint as a trusted partner to our customers and help to mature or increase an organization's intelligence capabilities in order to glean greater value from



  • Ability to work with organizations of all sizes, from newly established security teams to fully integrated global intelligence teams and fusion centers

  • Support for organizations starting, rebuilding or expanding capabilities to achieve intelligence program optimization

  • Rapid response preparedness, enabling quick action for threat assessment and recovery, supporting activities such as incidents or investigations

  • A team of veteran intelligence professionals who partner with you to provide trusted intelligence and solutions that accelerate capability and efficiency

  • 55+ years of combined security & intelligence experience to include US Government and Fortune 50 experience


Staff Augmentation

This service provides onsite or virtual staff augmentation provides a full-time dedicated Flashpoint intelligence analyst who will serve as an extension of your team


Enhanced Monitoring

Provides pre-and post-event monitoring of keywords in Flashpoint holdings, based on customer requirements, which is critical for continuous assessment of reputation and legal obligations beyond the conclusion of an investigation or incident response. In the case

of a breach, stolen data could end up on illicit markets months or years after the initial compromise has occurred. FPS is positioned to aid in investigative efforts, response, and recovery.

Directed Actor Engagement

FPS is uniquely able to anonymously and securely engage with threat actors on a customer’s behalf. FPS is also equipped to. coordinate a threat actor engagement to identify the possible source of the material or data, validate the information, purchase or otherwise obtain the specific data and arrange

for any other communications with the actors.

Cyber Extortion Training

Includes a workshop or Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

The workshop educates customer teams on ransomware, how it works, why organizations become infected, the evolution of this threat, profiles of attackers, cryptocurrency and issues

related to payments, and other details relevant to the customer organization or vertical.

The TTX will bring together critical stakeholders to discuss simulated scenarios, assess the efficacy of current plans, ensure clarification on roles and responsibilities, and improve coordination to help better mitigate future attacks.

Inbound Ransomware Response and


This offering helps teams in the event of a single ransomware or cyber extortion incident, including tailored response and recovery of internal systems, resources to procure and acquire cryptocurrency on behalf of the impacted organization, as well as extensive monitoring within our expansive illicit community collections following the event.


Through Flashpoint’s partnership with BlackHorse, these courses assist with navigating cyber fraud, insider threat, and business due diligence, through open source and illicit community datasets. This training provides users hands-on engagement with extensive datasets, including how to navigate threats.

CASO Business Risk Intelligence

Holistic training focused on research and analysis of digital threat data, with an emphasis on applying a flexible research framework. towards producing actionable and meaningful risk intelligence reports and deliverables.

CASO Analyst Training

Analyst training course that focuses on one thing: ensuring that analysts and research teams can prove and provide the “so what” of research.

CASO Commercial Signature Reduction


Provides advanced commercial best practices for digital data protection techniques to facilitate safe virtual on-line operations.

CASO Dark Web Immersion

Provides a foundational and advanced

understanding of how to conduct research on the dark web using a variety of tools and methods to maintain safety and anonymity while conducting online operations. This course will help you gain an understanding of dark web

tradecraft which can be used to uncover risks to you, your organization, or your assets.

CASO Training

Designed to address the challenges of today’s dynamic data environment to prepare, discover, analyze and synthesize threats.

CASO Digital Signature Training

A combination of both CASO and CSR training programs for analysts that require or want to be certified to conduct advanced, safe, passive-to-active online research activities.

CASO Workflow & Analysis Training

Focuses on ensuring that analysts and research teams can prove and provide the “so what” of open research. This course ensures that analysts are delivering value-added products to

decision makers.

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