Phishing remains a great threat to organizations as it has a low barrier to entry for threat actors to facilitate attacks. The potential damage from phishing sites is costly and can have both a negative impact on an organization's reputation and increase the risk of fraud due to account takeover (ATO) of employees and customers.

Malicious sites are growing at an increasing rate and cybercriminals continue to pursue creative ways to impersonate brands in order to steal sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), account credentials, or credit card data.

Organizations require insight into how their brand is being impersonated for malicious purposes, the appropriate context around the threat in order to protect the enterprise, and an action plan to remediate risk rapidly. As malicious sites continue to impact customers and employees, organizations need the ability to take immediate action to remove phishing pages in order to avoid further damage to the business and protect customer information.


Provides teams the ability, resources, and insight into observed domain phishing activity related to the organization in order to eliminate threats such as typosquatting, phishing attacks, and brand impersonation through logo detection.


Flashpoint proactively alerts users to malicious URLs, fake social media accounts, as well as fraudulent mobile apps, and provides the ability to action via takedown services, enabling teams to remove malicious assets directly in the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. The result is an actionable path forward to protect the enterprise.


Enables users to identify fake or duplicate accounts targeting the brand, enterprise, or employees from social media sites.

Provides the ability to monitor official mobile app stores, third parties, and directory sites for fraudulent apps that are targeting or impersonating a brand.

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