Flashpoint Compromised Credentials Monitoring (CCM) allows users to monitor exposure of compromised credentials for their employee and customer email addresses to take action after breaches to mitigate the risk of account takeover (ATO).

Expansive Data Collections

Flashpoint provides the largest source of stolen and leaked credentials obtained from the open web and illicit communities, as well as closed, invitation-only sources, such as forums, chat services, and marketplaces.

  • First Access to Breach Data:

    Ability to track adversaries across multiple types of online communities uniquely positions the company to engage with threat actors directly and procure compromised assets before breaches occur.

  • Robust Collections:

    Scales breaches and leaks of all magnitudes, providing broader insight into

    the credential landscape, which includes thousands of automated and manually sourced breaches processed within Flashpoint’s collections since 2011.

  • Unique Sources:

    Flashpoint’s access to top-tier communities provides insight into private threat actor discussions and technical data - such as credential-stealing malware, and private leaks ensuring signal-rich data.

Trusted Intelligence Program

Flashpoint intelligence analysts have spent years monitoring illicit communities, and are armed with the skill sets to know when and where compromised databases and credentials are exposed.

Experienced Intelligence Professionals

Our analysts' familiarity operating in threat actor communities and with actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) enables them to identify

recycled data leaks advertised as new leaks, and ensure customers are provided the most relevant and recently compromised credentials.

Address Intelligence Requirements

Flashpoint credential data enables users to conduct more than just a tactical reset; our data enrichment, contextual insights, and RFI service support your team’s ability to conduct sensitive investigations or

research into campaigns, emerging actors, or TTPs in support of your intelligence requirements.

Advanced Processing & Technology

Fueled by sophisticated technology and collections, Flashpoint quickly collects and processes data and credentials, allowing for organizations to access the most up-to-date breach data and receive notification as soon as credentials have been identified.

  • Filter Out Recycled Credentials: Internal teams receive newly compromised accounts, without the delay of sifting through recycled credentials.

  • Seamless API Integration: Teams can take immediate action on compromised assets by integrating Flashpoint’s API into their existing business processes, saving both analyst time and resources.

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