Compromised Credentials Monitoring

Threat actors are continually targeting employee and customer credentials through various means, including phishing and brute-force attacks. As the methods used by threat actors to steal credentials evolve and leaked data is readily available online, defenders are at an ongoing disadvantage and increasingly vulnerable to account takeover, fraud, and misuse.

As the technology and tools to leverage stolen credentials advance, organizations must have awareness of their exposure to credential breaches, as well as exposed domains and passwords, to ensure their employees or customers are not at risk of having their accounts taken over.

Visibility into the illicit communities where credentials are leaked is another challenge. Flashpoint’s unique access to compromised data—whether from closed forums, chat services platforms, publicly released data leaks, or via private threat actor groups—equips organizations with the data needed to mitigate risk to their business and customers.

Available Offerings

Flashpoint Compromised Credentials Monitoring (CCM) allows users to monitor exposure of compromised credentials for their enterprise domains and customer email addresses to take action after breaches to mitigate the risk of account takeover (ATO). Flashpoint’s advanced technology quickly collects and processes data and credentials, allowing for organizations to access the most up-to-date breach data and receive notification as soon as credentials have been identified.

Flashpoint intelligence analysts have spent years monitoring illicit communities, and are armed with the skill sets and accesses to obtain data when and where compromised databases and credentials are exposed. Their familiarity with threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) allows them to identify recycled data leaks claimed by actors as new leaks, and ensure customers are provided the most relevant and recent compromised credentials.


Abuse of enterprise credentials allows attackers onto your network and exposes sensitive business and personal data. Compromised Credentials Monitoring - Enterprise enables organizations to search and monitor Flashpoint’s unique collections for compromised enterprise accounts and passwords in order to flag accounts, reset employee passwords, and restrict permissions to prevent actors from accessing confidential or personally identifiable information (PII). Flashpoint’s ability to filter out compromised email addresses that do not meet an organization’s password requirements, or identify only data from recent and relevant breaches, allows users to

receive alerts on actionable data, saving time and resources.


Allows organizations to monitor for compromised credentials belonging to their customers. By leveraging cookies data from Flashpoint’s robust data sources, organizations can identify compromised customer accounts, targeted domains, and vulnerable passwords. This visibility enables organizations to proactively build a better defense against ATO.

Key Benefits

  • Integrate data within the client’s existing business processes to make it immediately actionable

  • Gain insight into the types of domains being targeted, as well as the most vulnerable passwords

  • Gain insight into compromised credential breach landscape

  • Access credential data leaked in breaches in near real-time

  • Identify accounts that have been hacked on a consistent basis in order to provide ongoing fraud monitoring without impacting user experience

Compromised Credentials Monitoring

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