Industry Alerting provides customers tactical information derived from conversations from illicit online communities to users in their respective industries. Customers receive relevant information in addition to their intelligence requirements, providing further context and insight into threats affecting their industry. The searches are created, vetted, and refined by Flashpoint’s Tactical Threat Monitoring (TTM) team and consist of information in addition to the organization’s collections and key terms.

The alerts provide users a discussion from the forum, related information, as well as an assessment of the threat. Users are able to investigate the alert further by pivoting directly to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform.

This additional information provides further context as necessary, creating a more consumable intelligence alerting experience.

Financial Services

  • Account Takeover

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Compromise

    • ATM Attacks

    • ATM Jackpotting

  • Skimmers, ATM Malware

  • Banking Malware

  • Insider Threats


  • SEC Filings

  • Compromised Law Firms

  • Insider Threat


  • Fraudulent Documents

  • Fraudulent Claims

  • Buying or Selling Stolen Data


  • Protected Health Information Compromise

  • Prescription Drug Trade

  • Health Insurance Fraud


  • Account Takeovers

  • Buying or Selling Data Breaches

  • Guides and Tutorials


  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Compromise

  • Gift card Fraud

  • Anti-detect Tools

  • Carding Tutorials

  • Reshipping Services


  • SMS Bombing

  • Mobile Proxies

  • Insiders Buying and Selling Accounts


Flashpoint analysts have spent years researching and interacting with cybercriminals in closed forums and have an intimate understanding of the cultures and communities. Leveraging Flashpoint intelligence analysts’ native syntax semantics, as well as threat actor colloquialisms, vernacular, and slang, Flashpoint TTM has incorporated these terms into pattern strings in order to identify threats across the international threat landscape.

Industry Alerting currently collects on a variety of languages, including but not limited to:

  • English

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

Key Benefits

  • Receive strategic and operational information vetted and assessed by Flashpoint intelligence analysts

  • Pivot directly to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform to further assess and analyze the alert

  • Relevant and contextualized information in order to prepare and mitigate risk to your organization

  • Additional insight into threats affecting your industry, expanding monitoring capability in addition to the customer’s tactical level alerts

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