The Flashpoint Request for Information (RFI) service supplements your subscription to Flashpoint products with the ability to ask our intelligence analysts specific questions and receive answers to help your team fill intelligence gaps.

Through the RFI process, our intelligence analysts field questions and conduct research inside closed illicit online communities and open sources to provide original, unique analysis. RFIs are based on an hourly model and are calculated depending on the number of hours our intelligence team spends researching, analyzing, and producing a response to the RFI. Responses are time-bound, activity-specific, or in response to an emerging situation.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to submit requests directly to Flashpoint analysts for bespoke intelligence

    and analysis

  • Flashpoint’s data and collections cover more regions, countries, and types of threat actors with a proprietary collections engine across numerous data sources

  • Experienced intelligence analysts understand the data to collect, have the agility to move collections capabilities to go where adversaries go, and can rapidly analyze, refine, and contextualize that data to produce valuable insights

  • The multidisciplinary intelligence team speaks over 20 languages natively and can deliver on an array of intelligence requirements

Sample RFI Topics

  • Illicit Community Investigation

  • Translation Requests

  • Threat Actor Profiles

  • Threats to High-Profile Events

  • Technical Analysis - e.g., malware / exploit assessment

  • Cyber and/or Physical Threat Landscape - often requires all source analysis

  • Threat Assessments - often requires technical analysis

  • Limited Engagement or Procurement

  • Emerging Trends and Insights

Use Case



A customer involved Flashpoint for a threat actor engagement RFI in order to investigate actors within Flashpoint collections advertising "points" on the customer's platform at a price that reflected a steep discount to the price of "points" purchased directly from the platform.

The Flashpoint Result:

Flashpoint leveraged a customer-provided platform account for the threat actor

engagement which allowed the customer to identify approximately $900,000 in credit card fraud over the 60 day period preceding the RFI. The customer was able to adjust their platform controls to shut down the mechanism by which actors were able to conduct the fraudulent activity, therefore averting fraud losses.

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