Security teams of all disciplines are responsible for protecting infrastructure, employees, consumers and sensitive information. However, it is a struggle to keep up with the evolving landscape due to limited resources, time, and bandwidth, combined with a complex and increasingly sophisticated threat landscape.

Ransomware, extortion attempts, physical threats against executives, and fraud necessitate that organizations overcome these challenges to stop and mitigate costly threats and protect the enterprise.

Organizations recognizing these threats and seeking to augment or outsource aspects of their security teams require a trusted partner who understands the customer’s needs as well as the entire threat landscape. They require the most advanced technology to help rapidly detect threats, insight into the illicit communities where threat actor activity originates, and support from industry-leading professionals in order to fully understand their exposure, respond to threats, and take action to mitigate risk.


Whether augmenting a larger team or force multiplying a small team, Managed Intelligence provides specialized, proven Flashpoint services that enable security teams to exponentially scale their operations to combat and mitigate threats to their organization. Flashpoint intelligence teams leverage our industry-leading collections,

technology, and human expertise to bring a deep level of support to your teams, saving both time as well as money.

Enterprises choose the Managed Intelligence service to address their most critical risks because of the time saved and the ability to augment their teams. Flashpoint stays ahead of threats and responds to them rapidly, as well as maintains deep partnership with customers built on trust and expertise to help them navigate successfully through difficult situations every step of the way.

Key Benefits


With a Dedicated Engagement Manager, Flashpoint supports teams by owning all aspects of the service engagement; from support to adding new sources, reviewing all relevant content within Flashpoint collections, to detecting and surfacing threats.


Flashpoint collects and analyzes threat data from a diverse set of sources to deliver critical intelligence across a myriad of areas, including; corporate and physical security, fraud, and cyber threat intelligence (CTI). Our analysts know what data to collect based on your intelligence requirements. The team has the agility to move collections capabilities to go where adversaries go, and can rapidly analyze, refine, and contextualize that data to produce intelligence that is timely, relevant, and actionable.


Developed and led by industry leaders who have built the largest threat intelligence teams in the world, Flashpoint’s Managed Intelligence expertly operationalizes the intelligence cycle and ensures that internal intelligence requirements are being addressed by Flashpoint services. Our multidisciplinary analysts speak over 20 languages and can deliver on an array of intelligence requirements. Flashpoint’s data and collections cover more regions, countries, and types of threat actors with a proprietary collections engine across numerous data sources. Managed Intelligence supports clients by handling collections, alerting, and reporting on behalf of your team.


Flashpoint’s proprietary collections engine gathers data at scale to deliver our industry-leading coverage of illicit communities. Customized analytics, dashboards, and alerting and curation tools ensure that the service is highly efficient, tailored to customers' needs, and leads to rapid detection and remediation of risk.

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